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--1-888-208-8936 --956-688-8109 service@mexicancertificates.com,cintia.1988@hotmail.com


What is a certified copy?

A certified copy of a vital record is a document issued by the Mexican Vital Records Office (Registro Civil) in the city or town where the original document was registered. It’s an official document that contains the data from the original event, along with the seal and signature of the Civil Registrar which gives the validity to the record.

Can I use a certified copy for any legal or official purpose?

Yes; it can be used for any legal or official purpose, including legal proceedings, Immigration applications, Social Security, marriage, divorce, etc.

How much does the service to obtain a certified copy cost?

We charge $169.00 USD for each certified copy and a $50.00 USD shipping and handling fee via UPS, DHL or FEDEX. We also have other services like extra copy of the document $59.00 USD, Certified Translation $69.00 USD and Apostille $119.00 USD.

What happens if I don’t have a credit card?

Don’t worry, we accept other payment methods place your order and write it in the comments section and one of our representatives will call you soon.

What is the process to obtain a certificated copy?

Once you place your order we will send one of our authorized agents to the corresponding Vital Records Office in Mexico where your certificate was registered to obtain your record and we will send it to your home address via express.

How much time does it take?

It depends on the type of record and State of registration however the average turnaround time is between 6 to 10 business days to be delivered at your home address. Or if you prefer with our express service it will take only 2 to 5 business days.

Can you guarantee the obtainment of my document?

Mexican Certificates guarantees that your order will be processed in the corresponding Mexican Vital Records Office no later than the next business day of submitted but we can’t do guarantee the obtention of your record because we don’t know if the document is registered in the Vital Records Office until one of our authorized agents submits the search and receives the result.

What happens if you don’t locate my document?

We will send you a Record of Non-Existence issued by the corresponding Vital Records Office, stating that after the search was done with the information you provided us, there was no record found.

If you don’t obtain my document will you give my money back?

We will always do everything that is in our hands to obtain it. But if we don’t obtain it for reasons that don’t depend on us, we will give your money back, charging only a fee search of $59.00 USD.

What happens if I don’t have all the required information?

Don’t worry! We are experts at locating Mexican Vital Records. Place your order with the information you have and we will be glad to help you.